Terms and Conditions

for all deliveries and services of Günyar RTV services and has to offer,.

1. Privacy Policy
Your personal data will be according to the stringent requirements of the CH- Applicable data protection law, processed and used.

2. General
Our offers are not-binding and without obligation. For our contracts exclusively our Conditions of Use apply, other conditions are not part of the contract, even if we do not expressly contradict them.

3. Conclusion of the contract
The contract is only concluded with the acceptance of the order. The order may be accepted by sending an order confirmation (per E-Mail). Should a product of which we are not responsible for not longer available, We reserve the right, withdraw from the contract.

4. Prices
The prices are valid from date of order. All prices are, if not otherwise stated, including. VAT. All prices are quoted for traders, if not otherwise stated, exkl. VAT

5. Lieferbedingungen
Partial deliveries and partial services are permissible. Each part delivery and part performance applies in this case as a separate delivery and performance. We reserve the right to, assuming refusal to supply a flat rate payment of up to 40% of the delivery price agreed, However, at least 30, FR-50, FR-, to invoice. A delivery shall be deemed Annahmeverweigert if: Refuses to accept, denied a post office box deliveries, were ignored or forgotten. In another grab here the allg. Delivery- and despatch condition of the corresponding carrier. You have the right, Goods which you have purchased from us in undamaged, unopened, unlabeled and non-bonded original packaging within 10 Days to send back to us. Please refer to our return instructions.

6. Returns / transport damages
Returns due to incorrect delivery or in case of warranty will only be accepted, if the right to return, stating the invoice number and if necessary. the error description has been notified in advance via e-mail. Insert your return please a copy of the invoice and a brief description of the fault. If it is a transport damage, please enclose a copy of the damage report with. Returns must be made basically FREE! Serf, unannounced returns, we can no longer accept! For transport damages: All items will be checked by our staff and carefully packed shipping. Nevertheless, should an item be damaged when you arrive, please report transport damage immediately to the carrier. Should you notice the damage until later, so are you reporting this yet with the freight carrier or your deliverer and can deliver a copy of the damage report. These please submit your return shipment. After receipt of the return you will get an immediate replacement for your damaged shipment. We make, together with a copy of your claim, the damages with the freight carrier claims. Please refer to our further information for returns. If unjustified as fault during the warranty period goods- or deficient returned to the seller, calculated the vendor for testing FR 50,- bis FR 100,- depending on the cost and the shipping cost. Returns have always FREE, within a period of 7 Days after notice is given, made at.

7. Retention of title
The goods you ordered until full payment is made in.

8. Warranty
The Buyer shall only be entitled to rectification of errors (Rectification). If the error can not be eliminated or for the buyer further attempts are unreasonable, the buyer can instead of rectification conversion (Cancellation of the sales contract) or reduction (Reduction of remuneration) require. A claim for replacement does not exist.

For repair following:
a) The buyer must either display error immediately after their discovery at the seller in writing or may receive from him. For the built-in repair parts until the expiration of the warranty period of the purchased item warranty is provided due to the purchase agreement.
b) Warranty obligations do not exist, when the failure occurred in a causal relationship is thus, that: – the buyer has an error not figure 7a displayed in accordance with and given immediate opportunity to repair or – the object of purchase has been treated improperly or overstressed or – in the purchase object parts have been installed, the use of which the seller has not approved or – the buyer the rules on the treatment, Maintenance has not complied with the object of purchase. Natural wear and tear is excluded from the warranty.

9. Governing Law
These terms of business and the business relationship between the seller and buyer, the Swiss Code of Obligations applies. Other national laws and the international sales law be excluded.

10. Performance / Jurisdiction
The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is 4057 Basel.

11. Severability
Should any provision of the validity of the remaining provisions.

12. Please note
The use of Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal.
ATTENTION! The unlock scrambled channels is illegal.
Garantie auf nur Original Software.
All warranties are disclaimed !